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Lawn Care

Lawn Diseases are one of those things that perplex all of us to no end. Many lawn diseases are not easy to identify and to distinguish from other problems such as pests or poor maintenance. Much like human diseases, lawn diseases can be difficult to properly diagnose and even harder to treat correctly. If you suspect a problem in your lawn, Atlantic Graduate has the solution to correct it.

We offer personalized lawn care plans including fertilizer, weed treatments, lawn thatching, lawn aeration, liming, iron applications, herbicide treatments etc. 

Lawn Care PEI



  • Spring & Fall Granular Fertilizer

  • Spring & Fall Liquid Weed Control

  • Fall Pelletized Lime


  • Spring-Summer-Fall Granular Fertilizer

  • Spring-Summer-Fall Liquid Weed Control

  • Summer Lawn Insect Control & Fall Pelletized Lime


  • Lawn Aeration or Dethatching

  • Spring Granular Fertilizer

  • Spring Liquid Weed Control 


  • Summer Granular Fertilizer

  • Summer Lawn Insect Control

  • Summer Weed Control


  • Lawn Aeration or Dethatching

  • Spring-Summer-Fall Granular Fertilizer

  • Fall Pelletized Lime


  • Weed Control With Iron


Atlantic Graduate Lawn Care and Pest Control professionals are very aware of environmental concerns. We understand all the fine print you’ll see on the back of a label, including all the warning precautions.

Many professional lawn care providers are unfairly criticized for harming the water quality of our rivers and streams by putting down too much fertilizer that runs off into our streams. The fact is, that professionals are more likely to apply a lawn care product correctly than the average homeowner. Many homeowners think that if a little bit is good, more is even better, which is not true. Studies have shown that homeowners typically over-treat their lawns by as much as 50%, which is not only wasteful, but can be harmful to the environment. When applied properly, lawn fertilizers do not run off as many environmentalists suggest They are gradually absorbed into the soil and used up by the plants they are intended to help.

lawn care services pei


  • Experienced and professional team

  • Personalized lawn care plans

  • Quality services at competitive prices

  • Commitment to environmental sustainability

  • Customer satisfaction guarantee

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